DIPF supports the digitalisation of education to make offers more equitable and sustainable.

Stakeholders in the German education system should be able to assess new technologies and their effects in a differentiated manner and use their potential. Therefore, the Institute researches and develops digital educational media and tools, builds digital teaching-learning infrastructures as well as information platforms and makes them available to educational practitioners. These digital infrastructures are not only used in schools and universities, but also in the field of continuing education. Here, DIPF has reached a leading position in facilitating continuing education and testing low skilled persons for the labour market.

In order to expand the digital development of the German education system, it is also necessary to offer initial and further training to pedagogical staff regarding the use of digital technology. For teachers to use digital educational media in a didactically meaningful way, they must be trained in the critical and reflective use.

Furthermore, DIPF works in technology-based assessment, analyses the effects of digitally supported education and its infrastructure and makes the findings available to international educational research.